Spiritual Exercises: Key to Problem Solving


Spiritual exercises link you with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which is seen as Light and heard as Sound. The inner Sound is the Voice of God calling us home. The inner Light is a beacon to light our way. All the Spiritual Exercises of ECK are built on these two divine aspects of the Holy Spirit.

They work similarly to physical exercises. If you want your body to be strong and healthy, you’ve got to swim or run or do something to keep fit. For the Soul body, you do the Spiritual exercises of ECK, a form of inner communication also called contemplation.

Learning spiritual consciousness is learning how to live in this world no matter what comes. We learn through these spiritual exercises how to live life graciously, from childhood to old age. We learn how to live life in the best way possible.

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK give you confidence in yourself. You learn that you are Soul, you are eternal. Then you know with certainty that you live forever, that death cannot destroy you.

When you do the Spiritual Exercises, fill yourself with love and goodwill.

Be patient with yourself. It is a rare person who has instant success and dramatic results right away. Expect subtle, gradual changes in your outlook on life over a period of weeks or months. A good way to keep track of this is by using a journal to not any insights, perceptions, or changes you notice in yourself.

Harold Klemp www.eckankar.org   ECK Wisdom on Problem Solving


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