What is Spiritual Growth?

Since much of the spiritual growth journey is experiential it can be hard to explain to family and friends why your spiritual growth is important to you. This article explains what spiritual growth is, the benefits of spiritual growth and why it is important.

As you progress on your spiritual journey, people close to you may begin to notice, and be confused by, some changes in your life perspectives. How do you explain to them what it means to grow spiritually?

Especially when so much of spiritual growth is experientialthe feeling of peace and harmony during meditationthe development of “natural knowingness” that is beyond logic and emotionthe sensitivity to the call of your heart and soulthe ability to joyfully surrender to the flow of your life.

Here is how I was finally able to define spiritual growth:

Spiritual growth is a process of developing your awareness of the reality that exists outside the range of your 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell). Other words for “developing your awareness” would be “expanding your consciousness.”

We know there is a reality beyond our 5 senses because science can measure it. There are colors and sounds we cannot perceive, there are electrical impulses in our brain we are not aware of, there are billions of simultaneous activities going on inside the cells of our bodies that we can’t feel, yet they are all measurable with scientific instruments. Continue reading

Finding Spiritual Guidance

Looking for direction? Not sure if you are being guided? Spiritual guidance is all around us when we know what to look for. Here are some helpful ideas on how to recognize, tap into and work your inner guidance.

There is spiritual guidance all around us… are you listening for it?Spiritual or inner guidance is available at all times, everywhere. It is found in casual conversation, in books that fall into our hands, in “wrong” numbers dialed… always available when we listen. After all, we believe that the Divine presence is everywhere, so why would the Divine voice of guidance not be everywhere, too? And so it is, provided we are not too busy to listen!I find that listening to my inner guidance can save a lot of time and effort. Being goal-oriented, I used to have a tendency to move ahead without waiting for clear guidance. I soon learned that trying to hasten the outcome only inhibits and may even delay the outcome. When this happens, the wisest move is to simply step back from the frenetic activity and to return to center. From that place of inner balance, guidance gently emerges to lead my steps, and life flows with synchronicity and ease.

Maintaining neutrality is an important aspect of receiving inner guidance. In kinesiology testing, attitudes of judgment or skepticism are found to calibrate at a level that undermines truth and can be destructive. When we ask for confirmation of guidance, it is important to do so from an attitude of desiring to know and align with truth, and to be detached from the outcome.

When we are open and receptive, we are also more inclined to recognize guidance we are given throughout the day. I have had people tell me how they asked for guidance in a difficult situation, only to have the business card of someone who could help, fall from a wallet. At times, I have asked for clarity on an issue and when the phone rang a few minutes later, the caller presented the solution to the issue without any prior knowledge of my predicament!Guidance often arrives in synchronistic ways, like the humorous experience I had on a first date. Throughout the evening, I felt vaguely uncomfortable: my companion was doing and saying all the appropriate things, yet I could not shake a vague sense that there was something amiss. I silently asked for guidance and clarity. Continue reading