What Causes Our Problems?

     Each person has a whole series of experiences–good and bad–from the past. Our particular combination of experiences is what makes each one of us a unique individual, different from anyo

     Many of these experiences were caused by our own thoughts and expectations. Right or wrong, the wheels of life were then set in motion to bring us the experiences we needed to manifest our state of consciousness.

Soul enters the human form and begins its first earthly lives in a state of consciousness bordering on the naive and innocent. The individual believes the best of his fellow man. But as he goes through a progression of lives, he often becomes increasingly narrow and suspicious, sometimes falling under the influence of the dark forces.

In one way or another, he goes through the whole range of experiences. He is pulled left and right, back and forth, over and over throughout many lifetimes.

Gradually, he begins to be aware of the pain of living through these experiences of his own making. And when this occurs, he slowly comes to an understanding: He alone is responsible for his actions.

Identifying Our Problems

     On the (Spiritual path), we learn to identify the problems that are plaguing us. The Inner Master begins to open up small scenes from our past. We sometimes perceive these as disjointed dreams. These dream experiences give us a way to start finding out who and what we are.

As we move into the higher states of consciousness, we become more aware of our responsibility–first of all to ourselves, but also to other people. Our responsibility to others is mainly to allow them the same freedom we want for ourselves.

Pay Now, and Be Done with It

     “Nick” had a dream in which a beautiful young woman came to the office. She was trying to use the phone on his manager’s desk. Nick and the girl felt an immediate attraction for each other in the dream, and soon they began a passionate romance. But, to his frustration, it led nowhere. Then he awoke.

Some weeks later, a young student came to the office to get work experience. Nick loved her from the start. He did everything in his power to win her heart, but she coyly brushed aside his passion with promises. Later, always later. Soon everyone in the office was talking about their relationship. Then the sky fell in.

Through the office grapevine, Nick learned that this young woman had been having a secret love affair with his best friend at work. It had begun nearly the first week that she had arrived there. Worse, Nick had set the stage. One night that first week, he had to work late, so he asked his good friend to take her home. That was the beginning of the end.

Only the (Holy Spirit) kept Nick from losing his mind when he learned of the secret love affair. But he turned sour on life. Why had this beautiful young woman come–to purposely bring him grief?

In his anxiety and anger, he even forgot about the spiritual love of the Living ECK Master.

Then came a second dream. The Master took him on the Time Track and showed him a past life in which he had been a woman. Married to a wealthy man, this individual had two house servants, both of whom suffered due to Nick’s misuse of position and authority. One was this student.

“You made that karma,” the Master explained. “That debt stands between you and God’s love. Pay now, and be done with it.”

In the end, Nick recognized the hand of karma and the long, outstanding debt that he needed to settle. It took awhile for the crushing pain to subside, of course, but now he’s happy he settled the debt. After the pain had finally gone, Nick felt a new sense of freedom and lightness.

God’s love could now shine more directly into his heart. That obstructing block of karmic debt was gone.

By Sri Harold Klemp

Eck Wisdom on Solving Problems


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